cotton baby

if you had told me even a year ago that i'd be cloth diapering my baby, i wouldn't have believed you. not because i wasn't into caring for the earth--even in middle school i'd lug my friends' and my snapple or arizona bottles home from the mall, not wishing that any should end up in the landfill. but cloth diapering? who does that in 2008?

we had a couple of accquaintances who were doing it, and i started doing my research. the more i read, the more appealing it sounded, and so jim and i decided to give it a try.

it's still pretty new. dylan is almost three months and it's only been about a week, but so far so good. i'm staying home with her and she is our only child, so i have the time. and what's another load of wash on top of all the baby clothes and burp cloths that already in pretty regular rotation?

i like that she doesn't have the chemicals against her skin, from disposables or from industrially-cleaned cloth. i like that it is reducing our waste exponentially. it's nice to pull clean diapers out of the dryer and know that another heap of diapers isn't sitting somewhere in a landfill not decomposing because of a little effort on our part. and dylan is as happy as can be!

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debojo said...

Yay cloth diapers! I only know one other person who does it - - so it's always fun to find someone else. We've been doing it since he was around 2 weeks, and just wait - it's even better when it's sunny outside and you can hang them up! The sun bleaches them, it's great! Right now we just have a line in the basement, which works too - - but it's fun to use a clothesline outside I think.

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