strangers and aliens

The world gets smaller
Fewer faces, fewer places
to see
to interact
to be known.

Admitting I am a
Stranger and Alien,
Seeking a better country.
Not at home,
my heart is made for a journey
to Somewhere Else.

But the Kingdom has come here too
and I am also Not a stranger,
Not an alien.
I belong to God
And to you.

The world gets bigger
More laughter, more joy in my heart
for this little beauty,
Imaging God,
His goodness and grace,
Hope and a future.

1 comment:

Misty said...

LOVE this. and i totally relate to it, obviously. that lure of heaven, perfection, etc, and the here-on-earth time of blessings and trials. it can be quite the feeling of displacement. thanks for sharing. do you have more poetry?

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