dylan slept through the night last night. I put her down at 10:45 and woke her up at 7:10 to get her ready to go to bible study. over eight hours!

this was a feat she accomplished with a certain to degree of regularity at two months. at three months, she was back to being up once or twice a night, which really wasn't so bad. but the past two weeks, dylan was all over the map--skipping naps, extra cranky, and nearly impossible to put to bed. we had a few nights of her being up, crying, every one or two hours. the most frustrating part was that the more tired she grew, the more she resisted sleep, making her, of course, even more tired.

but the little beauty is napping now, and has napped well all week. i think her little body is getting itself back on track, and i am so thankful.

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Isabel said...

Dude, having your kid sleep well is better then anything else in the world. Hooray.

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