mamma's girl, daddy's girl

it's completely true that babies relate to their parents differently. dylan is completely smitten with jim, and she shines her brightest smiles for him. she'll laugh riotously at any funny face or voice and thinks he is hysterical. i have to work to even get a chuckle out of her. daddy is the source of excitment and entertainment.

but i am the comforter. i feed her, and i am the one she wants when she is upset. this is new, and it's actually pretty ridiculous. she now screams inconsolably when i leave her with jim to go to youth group, so last night i took her with me. she hung out in her sling, napped, and didn't fuss a minute. after we came home, jim tried to put her to bed and she screamed bloody murder, even in his arms, until i got her. so as i'm holding her, (sobs abated), jim says to dylan, "you drive me nuts!" and through tear-stained cheeks, she flashes him her famous smile.

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The Hamons said...

Jimmy makes me laugh riotously, too! Dylan knows a funnyman when she sees one! :) No worries, Jimbo, there'll come a time when that little girl will ONLY want Daddy, much to Mommy's dismay! :)

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