my delight is in her

last week, jim and i were eating dinner, and dylan was in her stroller hanging out quietly, when out of nowhere, we heard this chuckle. she was justing sitting there, happily amusing herself. the next night, we were all in the bathroom, playing with the baby in the big mirror, when she full-out roared with laughter. it was the best sound the in world. we made faces and played and kept her laughing for the best ten minutes i can remember.

then for days, despite my best effort, i couldn't get her to do it again! the mirror, songs, silly faces, tummy kisses, nothing. last night, i took her to girls' night, a high school ministry event, and a handful of girls poured out affection and attention on the baby, and she laughed and laughed and laughed. it was pure joy and beauty.

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