prodigal dog

our dog sydney ran away yesterday. i let her out, got distracted, and when i went to get her, she was gone. this happens more than i'd like, but i wasn't too concerned until i found her collar, which she wasn't wearing.

now, sydney has it pretty good here at la casa de paul. we live at a camp with 550 acres of land, including a pond, creeks, lots of woods and fields, and a sweet, swampy bike park that is also fun for doggie explorations. our yard is adjacent to an expansive field that she can play in until her little heart's content.

unfortunately, when sydney runs, more times than not, she does not run through the fields, but up and down the busy road in front of our house, and we get calls about a frightened dog darting in and out of traffic. sydney gets scared, comes homes shaking and repentant, and yet always manages to get herself into the very same situation again.

sound familiar? she reminds me of adam and eve--discontent with the bounty of the garden, and desiring to push the God's limits, only to feel miserably afterward.

she is so much like me, too. God has given me so many blessings, but I am tempted to leave the boundaries he's set, convinced that outside holds greater excitement or joy. but somehow, what's "out there," never quite measures up to the goodness and abundance God has already provided for me. yet the temptation is always there, even though i know that nothing other than God will satisfy the longing in my heart. so why do i try to settle for cheap substitutes?

(post script: after flyering local businesses and going to bed in a sad, dogless house, i got a call this morning from a woman whose daughter had found sydney yesterday. she is back at home, and like the father in the story of the lost son, i am not so angry as relieved and thankful that she is back, safe and sound!)

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