the promise of spring

i love daylight savings. love love love love. it's freezing and snowy, but at six o' clock pm it is also sunny, praise God, and it gives me hope that things around here will eventually thaw out and i can actually take dylan outside.

on another note, my husband is amazing. last night we were trying to decide what to have for dinner from our pantry and sparsely stocked fridge. nothing was exciting me. jim, however, was inspired by the bowls of pho we enjoyed recently at tram's in pittsburgh, and while i was nursing dylan and playing around online, he thought up and prepared a deliciously spicy soup with tofu, veggies, and rice noodles. it was fabulous. tofu, from a man who is perhaps best known as passionate hunter (and cook) of deer, duck, and goose. that's my baby:)

the other baby has started to take longer naps, to our great pleasure. what a blessing.

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