baptized by immersion

the food processor is not my friend. i have sprayed mushroom soup, cantaloupe soup, and several varieties of carrot soup all over my kitchen on more occasions than i can recall. why pureed soups are my culinary holy grail, i really have no idea, but i refuse to give up and keep seeking pureed perfection.

enter the immersion blender--a recent purchase made with a gift card from my mother-in-law. (thanks!) this baby is awesome. well, awesome at pureeing soups, which is why i got it. not so awesome, at say, making chimmichurri sauce or oatmeal cookie dough, but awesome nonetheless. in an effort to actually eat the food in our pantry/fridge and to incorporate more vegetables into our diet, i am on a soup-making kick. i made a carrot ginger soup on sunday that was delicious and so smooth! yesterday's soup is a little weirder. i started with a bag of dried peas (pantry item) and added carrots, onions, and celery (putting our fresh veggies to good use!) then i remembered the two cans of tomato soup lingering in the panty and how much my mom raves about split pea tomato soup. (i actually remember not liking that particular combo as a kid, but for the love of all things holy, we are going to eat those dry goods!) so i added the tomato soup with a little cream and sherry, and blended, blended, blended.

the verdict? not so bad! the orange-y color is a little off-putting, but all in all, pretty tasty. good thing too, because i have a few more servings in the fridge and a good sized tub downstairs in the freezer. now what can i make with crushed pineapple, black beans, and quinoa?

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