blender blunders and the grave-dancers' union

tonight after youth group, i decided to make strawberry smoothies, so i got the blender out of the pantry, assembled the ingredients, and fitted the lid in place, but i couldn't find the lid's center plug. giving up, i put my palm over the lid's opening and pressed "blend," when a HORRIBLE crushing, grating sound ensued. i stopped it and jim came in to investigate. was it not on its base correctly? he twisted it, made sure it was snug, and again it emitted a crunching sound that was definitely not the sound of metal blending ice. no, that is because it was the sound of metal blending plastic. riiiiiight. found the plug!

on an entirely different note, there is only one church in the valley that has a youth pastor, and so it is the town's de facto youth ministry. kids from all the area churches and no church at all come out every week. this church doesn't have a yard or lawn, which makes playing rambunctious teen games a little tricky, especially when the weather is too nice to stay indoors. no matter! tonight we played a rousing soccer-esque game with a giant rainbow gym class ball in the graveyard amid the headstones. i don't exactly know how to feel about this. on one hand, it seems disrespectful. on the other hand, since we believe in heaven, why shouldn't the cemetery be a place of joy, since in death we aren't our bodies anymore? i wouldn't condone it, but i am not in charge, and i must admit that much fun was had.

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