first foods

dylan tried her first cereal today. i say "tried," because i don't believe she even swallowed a bite. not a fan of the food, yet. she is exclusively breastfed, but i thought i'd give it a try with formula, because mixing that is simpler. dylan did have some supplemental formula in her first few days, when the nurse scared us into believing that our little one was hungry, (or as i took it, STARVING and it was my fault), which now i'm sure she wasn't.

i mixed the cereal with formula, but i think dylan knew she wasn't getting the good stuff:) next time we'll try with expressed milk. i read that it can take introducing a food up to eight times for a baby to stop rejecting it, so i guess we'll see. any tips from veteran moms?

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Living Theology said...

He! Cute :) Um, I'd say - try it with breast milk. Miles always liked it better that way (at first - now I just do it with water). And, yeah, it might just take awhile. Love the pictures!

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