like a champ

we gave the baby cereal another go tonight, and dylan ate it like a champ. lately dylan has been eyeing up whatever we eat and all in all has seemed pretty interested in food (at least in the abstract). this time we mixed cereal with expressed milk instead of formula, and she seemed to enjoy it. dylan was sleepy from having skipped a nap, but she managed to eat a good bit and looked adorable decked out in a pink bib, her face smeared with cereal, taking bites from her pink-tipped baby spoon. hopefully the extra calories and a full tummy translate into a good night's sleep for everyone.

we made it through the whole winter and her first five months without any sickness, but on sunday dylan got her first cold. she napped poorly all day, so she was extra tired on top of being congested, and there just isn't much you can do. we ran the humidifier and put a pillow under her mattress so she could be a little inclined. dylan was uncomfortable, so she would cry, which would of course, make her even more congested. she was too stuffed up to be able to breathe and keep the pacifier in her mouth, so that was upsetting her, and it was hard for me to comfort her because nursing is difficult with a stuffy nose. it broke my heart to be so helpless to make it better. we didn't sleep well that night, but dylan is feeling much better, and we are so thankful she is healthy.

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