lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

the above blur is a penguin at the pittsburgh zoo today. it was warm, beautiful, and so good to be outside and in the city. it is a wonderful zoo, and you almost forget you are in the city until you round the corner from the elephants and you see this:

dylan is still pretty little, so she wasn't exactly enamored with the animals, but she was perfectly content to take in the activity and stimulation. her eyes carefully followed the penguins and fish in the aquarium as they swam around, and she seemed to enjoy the light and water. i loved the tigers that came right up the glass, the swimming polar bears, and the playful penguins. jim liked the fish, especially this one:
while we were in the tunnel under the polar bear pool, we met a three-year-old girl also named dylan. after her family left, the boy in front of us who was around six turned around and asked, "who in here is named dylan?" we told him our baby was, and the little girl who just left. "that is MY name!" he told us, probably not accustomed to sharing such an integral part of his identity with two little girls.
afterward, we drove to bloomfield, wistfully pasing our old apartment and got gelato again. a perfect day!

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