on reading and ritual

dylan and i have a lovely morning ritual that plays out several times a week. if dylan wakes before she is ready to get up, i nurse her and put her back in her crib. if she wakes up a little later, however, and jim has started getting ready for his own early morning appointments, i bring her into bed with me. i feed her, and then we read together from one of my books.

she has a beautiful collection of her own stories that we read together at other times of the day, thanks to everyone who brought books to my baby shower. but in the early mornings, i read aloud to dylan from whatever is on my nightstand. as little as she is, she seems to enjoy listening and watching my expressions as i read even more than when i try to get her to notice color and detail in her picture books. we read for a while, and after a bit she falls back to sleep. sometimes i read a little longer, but more times than not, i close my book, snuggle in close, and fall back to sleep with my sweet girl.

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