spring joys

the thermometer actually registered 70 degrees yesterday, so dylan and i took a walk around ligonier. ligonier is one of those quaint small towns with an actual town square, except here we refer to it as "The Diamond." really. it has a gazebo and everything. the library, town hall, and lots of little boutiques encircle The Diamond, which soon will be blooming with flowers.

we got caught in a light rain on the way back, so i covered dylan with a receiving blanket. she was asleep before we made it to the car, so she obviously didn't mind, but with every car and person we passed, i couldn't help but feel a litte mom guilt for having my baby out in the rain!

after months of lagging attendence at youth group, we actually had six girls there last night! i know, six is hardly a crowd, but it is five more girls than we had two weeks ago and four more than we've had most weeks this year.

i came home to a sleeping baby who did not cry for jim while i was gone. i sorted all dylan's newly washed and de-tagged next-size-up clothes. it was like having a baby shower all over again! people have been so generous to us. we've hardly bought any clothes, and with all the hand-me-downs we've been given, we shouldn't have to for a long time. God is so gracious.

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