i can fit into my pre-baby pants! not just my stretch denim, either. i can even wear the three pairs of cords and khakis from my barista days. i will celebrate even if they're a little snug and from aeropostale, and i'm probably too old to wear them. it is a good day.

after dylan was born i bought two pairs of next-size-up jeans, but it turned out they had a little stretch to them and never fit well except right out of the wash. so for months (dylan will be five months tomorrow), i have been in clothes limbo. i suppose i still am, because my pants will fit better about five pounds from now, but the point is, they are wearable when not too long ago they couldn't fit over my thighs, let alone zip. i have to attribute this particular triumph primarily to nursing dylan, because my gym attendance of late has been lackluster, although i have been eating better--more veggies, fruit, and milk, and less processed, packaged junk.

i did do a video last week that kicked my butt. i have been known to order fitness equipment from tv, and my best purchase, by far, was the Transfirmer. i kid you not. it consists of a six and eight inch step that can be used in various combinations, and it came with 4 videos. (why videos and not dvds is a mystery to me.) when i do them, i usually pick the one that focuses on sculpting with hand weights, but this time i did the one that was more oriented around step aerobics. halfway through, admitting uncoordination and defeat, i switched to the ab video, which was still intense but required less grace. step aerobics is undoubtedly corny, but it is also a wicked full-body workout, so i will grapevine and cha cha step if it means fitting into my old clothes!


Trisha said...

Thanks for your honesty. Samuel is almost 3 months and I am very annoyed that I can't fit into anything (maternity clothes too big, pre-baby clothes to small)at this point. I know people say 9 months to put the weight on...9 months to take it off. But I can't wear one pair of maternity jeans for 6 more months! We will get there someday, right?!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

yes, and until then, yoga pants are very forgiving!

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