you gotta climb before you can crawl

dylan had her first low ropes experience yesterday. (start 'em young!) it was a gorgeous day--sunny and in the 50s, and we all went for a hike in the woods. the earliest signs of spring are starting to emerge--tiny wildflowers, little buds and grasses, and the odd green plants blanketing the forest floor that i believe are some kind of onion. spring green is the most beautiful color in my mind--especially peeking out of a dark and otherwise barren winter woodland.

jim wore dylan in the front pack, and together they crossed the cable bridge across the creek--dylan's first in a series of many camp adventures yet to come. we hiked several miles through the woods, and she stayed awake the whole time, enjoying the breeze and the sights. dylan was born to be camp baby, and in just a few years she'll be a fourth generation ligonier camper .

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