i play my music in the sun

at diaper changes, i like to ensure that dylan has enough time to air dry before wrapping her back up, so i fill the time with singing. i can rarely think of a good children's song, so i sing whatever happens to pop in my head. recently, we've been on a 90s kick with the barenaked ladies' "if i had a million dollars" or the lemonheads' "the outdoor type." yesterday, however, i found myself singing steve miller's "the joker." i have no idea where this came from. (maybe the line "you're the cutest thing that i ever did see"?) it's not exactly the most child-friendly tune, but it's catchy, and i could do worse. apparently, dylan likes the gangster of love.

yesterday, when she and i were out, i checked the rear view mirror, and dylan was gnawing on her suede moccasin like a little puppy. she had a pacifier clipped to her bib and some plastic rings in her lap, and she has the dexterity to put them into her mouth herself, but dylan preferred to chomp happily on the slipper. did i mention that she was actually wearing the moccasin and had still managed to get it into her mouth, even fastened tightly into the carseat?

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The Hamons said...

I think that is one of the cutest things I can see in a day - looking into the rearview mirror and seeing Evan with both feet in his hands and one in his mouth! :)

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