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this summer i will reprise my role as women's director at camp, and i'm mainly charged with leading discipleship/accountability groups with the 28 college-age women staffers. i also will also be the go-to person for discipline, homesickness, or other issues on the girls' side of camp.

i served in this role two summers ago and really enjoyed leading bible studies with the girls and being available to listen or trouble-shoot. of course, everything will be different this summer, being the mother of a six-month-old baby. i am a little anxious about how it will all work out, because camp is scheduled to a military-like degree, and the biggest thing i've learned in parenting a baby is the need for flexibility.

dylan is little and pretty easy-going, so happily she can spend a lot of time with me up at camp. the biggest issue will be working out naps and feedings. we'll have a high school staffer to help with childcare, and jim can be available during evening times when i can't.

in preparation for this, i've been trying out a little sleep-training, and praise God, dylan is cooperating. up until this week, she typically would nap after being awake for two hours. now we're trying a morning and afternoon nap, and it's been working pretty well so far. she's sleeping longer, seems rested, and i admit it's nice to have a more predictable routine. God is so gracious, reminding me of his power, presence, and love.

another praise: dylan has two little baby teeth poking their way through her bottom gums, and so far she's taking it like a champ:)

if you think of it, will you please pray for our family, as we all adjust to the rhythms and challenges of another summer of ministry? jim's staff is here, the rest of the college staff arrive monday for two more weeks of training, and then camp begins!

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Beth said...

you'll definitely be in our prayers - we know how crazy camp life is for you guys!

got your message about dinner - let's talk soon to pick a date : )

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