so is she sleeping through the night, yet?

this question assails me everywhere i turn. seemingly, it is everyone's preferred small talk question to parents of infants, and it's beginning to drive me crazy.

dylan has slept through the night. she even did once this week, but whenever we think we have her on any type of predictable routine, she enters another growth stage and everything changes. instead of getting up once a night she may wake four times or be unexpectedly difficult to put to bed. at five and a half months, dylan does not sleep through the night, although she is adhering to a eight o'clock bedtime, for which we are very thankful. someday, certainly, dylan will sleep through the night, but tonight is probably not that night. please stop asking. unless, of course, you wish to follow up your question with:

"she's not? you just look so gorgeously radiant, i assumed the little angel was letting you all sleep soundly!"

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