to market, to market

when you hear "farmer's market," your mind probably conjures images of local produce, herbs, plants and flowers. may is pretty early for pennsylvania-grown veggies, but when the ligonier country market opened today, i was honestly looking forward less to zucchini and more to pierogi. they did have lots of flowers and plants for sale, but i really go for the food. everything for sale is homemade or homegrown.

last summer, when i was pregnant and not working at camp, i was able to go more often. i observed a little ritual that involved buying root beer and pierogies, grilled on site, that i'd eat as i wandered. then i'd come to reclaim my spot on the couch, watching pbs cooking shows and intermittently running to the bathroom to be sick. it was a long pregnancy.

this morning, it was a joy to feel healthy, and to take dylan on her first trip to the market. i passed on the stroller in favor of her sling, and covered her head with a pink sun hat. we wandered happily looking at crafts and people-watching. i passed on the root beer, but as per tradition, i bought pierogies to cook for lunch, a berry pie, pizzelles for jim, and nothing healthful or green, although i did pack all my goodies into a recycled tote;) (in case you have no idea what i'm talking about, pierogies are polish potato dumplings and pizzelles are italian cookies.) in my mind, summer has officially begun.

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