that is the unofficial title of this session of camp, because we have three one-week camps, one two-week camp, a mini camp for six-year-olds, and the fourth of july, a ridiculous programming day going on all together. plus the kids are older and bring their teenage dramas in a magnitude that we haven't had so far. it's a lot! but we're settling into a routine with dylan, and all in all, camp life is getting more manageable and even fun.

dylan's little top teeth are coming in, too:) she's getting so big. she's getting better at sitting up, and today when i got her up from her nap, i got her to stand holding the sides of her crib. she doesn't crawl, but still manages to cover a lot of ground pivoting and rolling. dylan also loves blowing raspberries. she is such a cheerful little girl. today was rainy, so i had her in this cute little pink cherry hoodie. so cute:)

our computer came back, but we still aren't online. hopefully soon...

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