orientation (or o-week) is in full swing. almost the whole staff is here (about 100) and there is one more week until kids come. we've been sweating and playing and learning and getting to know one another, and the staff is coming together remarkably well. dylan is settling into a napping routine, and i am so far managing to juggle work and baby with minimal drama. i'm managing to stick with cloth diapering even up "on the hill," and that has been working out too. dylan is eating lots of veggies and fruits and she likes the attention from the staff and their families. she sometimes gets overwhelmed with the noise in the dining hall, but otherwise, she's taking it all in stride.

there are 27 women that i sort of get to "big sister," and what's cool is that a few of them were my campers back when they were twelve and i was in college. it's cool to get to know them again as women and see how faithful God has been in their lives.

there has been no internet at our house, so i've stolen a few moments in jim's office, but now i ought to go find him and help get little dylan to bed.

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Trisha said...

So fun to hear about your adventures at camp! I worked down the road at Pine Springs, and those two summers were some of the best ever. When I smell the country it makes me miss camp terribly. I will live vicariously through your camp blogs! Maybe Luke and I can come and visit you guys and our little ones can meet?!

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