one week down

session one is about to close, and all in all, it was a good week. we're starting to get the hang of camp life with baby, the staff did a good job, and there were no big dramas with kids, (except the "stick game" that dented a nurse's car--but that was on the boys' side of camp and was thus not my issue to handle!)

bible studies went well with all four of my groups. we're studying spiritual disciplines, and this week we looked into silence and solitude. we read something from henri nouwen where he argues that community is ultimately built and nurtured in solitude, and it was a topic that encouraged a lot of discussion. my hope is that emphasizing the practice of solitude in the beginning of the summer will prevent staff burnout later on.

dylan is getting more and more vocal. she babbles some, but she really likes to yell and squeal in delight. her two little bottom teeth are visible when she grins the open mouth smile that takes over most of her face. she's becoming grumpier at home and a little impatient, but she loves camp and is always perfectly behaved there. she's a sweetie:)

well, i have a campfire to head to. our computer comes back from "the shop" tomorrow and i ought to be able to write more regularly again.

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