the great unwashed

after a very long week, jim and i had a lovely afternoon and evening off, and best of all, my sister bethany was able to stop in for a quick visit. two sister visits in one week! she and four friends were on a crazy road trip back to brooklyn from the cornerstone music festival in illinois . they'd been camping and lake swimming and sweating it out with the crowds, and we got to see and feed them for an all-too-brief rest stop.

this summer, a big highlight of our time off has been preparing healthful food, and b's crew could appreciate that as well, having been subjected to festival and gas station munchies for a good long while. jim grilled venison and beef steaks with a delicious spice rub, i made a quinoa grain salad, and we blended margaritas with fresh strawberries. so good and unlike camp fare, which is almost entirely processed, breaded, or fried. camp food always reminds me of the line in say anything: "there's no food in your food!"

bethany and her friends weren't able to stay the night or even long enough for a shower, but dylan got to be loved and kissed by her aunt, and it was such a nice night. the best!

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