mister yuck is mean

now that our emergency has subsided, i can look at the humor of yesterday. jim was out on the trail with trip camp, and his parents, sister, and our nephew were en route from nashville when dylan began vomiting. she threw up first in her bed, so i took her to the changing table to wash and change her. then dylan vomited all over it, and again i cleaned her up. i put her on the mat on the floor so i could change her sheets and crib bumper, and she got sick all over the foam mat. when i picked her up, she got sick again, soaking my tee shirt and jeans, messing the carpet, and hitting the shelves of the changing table. i peeled off all my dirty clothes, pulled on a steelers tee, and took my sad baby downstairs to call the pediatrician and look up online the ingredients of the product she'd eaten at lunch.

minutes into my call, jim's whole family arrived. nothing says "welcome" quite like a semi-clad daughter-in-law who is simultaneously occuppied with the phone, the computer, and her vomiting and increasingly lethargic baby.

aren't i the hostess?

as i headed out the to hospital, jim's sister, christie, was starting on the laundry because her 3 year-old had also gotten sick in the last minutes of their eleven hour car trip. all in all, it was a pretty yucky day for the whole team paul writ large, but i do feel as though i passed some sort of mommy initiation rite.

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