the opposite of rest

camp has been extra chaotic and busy and dylan was throwing up yesterday and not sleeping, so we were so thankful that today was our day off. (we work six looong days a week.) sadly, dylan is so overtired that all day has been a constant battle to try to get her sleep, and the more sleep she misses, the angrier she gets and the more she fights sleep. she is upstairs yelling and i have no idea what to do. all day long we've bounced and nursed and rocked and tried stories and the sling and a bath. of course, it's now over an hour past bedtime, so not only is she not catching up on any missed sleep, she is creating a bigger deficit. awesome. please pray for her health and rest and for our patience!

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debojo said...

Oh suzannah! I know exactly what you mean - - over exhausted baby is not fun! Hopefully you will get some rest soon! How many more weeks of camp?

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