a plot twist

after several weeks away, we were able to worship at st. michael's this morning, and i was glad to not be responsible for planning worship at camp. a double blessing.

we dropped dylan off in the nursery for what was only perhaps the third time. when jim picked her up, the woman who was providing child care informed jim that she'd had a snack of cereal puffs. bah! the doctor had told us not to give her any cereals or grains and to stay away from any multi-ingredient foods (until we figure out what was causing the hoarking.) we never thought to mention it at the nursery because the warning is still brand-new, but mostly we never imagined they'd give her food. she's primarily breastfed and eats pureed baby foods at home, but no snacks yet.

the ingredients included rice, oats, and wheat, and we both felt horrible, imagining an afternoon of more vomiting, on a day that is super stressful at work. we prayed and prayed, got her down for a nap, skipped lunch, and we were able to nap, too. (a good thing, since dylan had been up since 5 and was up last night as well.) she woke up happy, we woke up rested, and no vomiting, praise God!

so perhaps it's not an allergy? the vomiting seemed to indicate an intolerance, but it's still a big question mark. we'll visit her doctor tomorrow, and hopefully she'll have some wisdom. thank you to everyone who prayed for us and for dylan's health; she is back to her happy self, and enjoyed a happy weekend with her grammy, poppy, aunt christie, and cousin ristow. we just need to get her back on track with sleeping again!

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