sad baby

dylan had another vomiting incident this afternoon that wouldn't stop, and i had to make her first trip to the hospital, with jim's mom for support. we dressed her in the tiniest yellow flannel hospital gown and were there for hours of waiting and tests. the doctor was wonderful--personable, affirming, and pro-breastfeeding, and he took his time with us. he agreed that dylan probably has a food intolerance. this time the seeming culprit was pear blueberry oatmeal. the nurse was sure dylan had reflux and was kind of upset that the doctor didn't prescribe zantac, but i was thankful. if dylan is going to go on any sort of medication i want to feel confident that other possibilities have been carefully considered and ruled out.

the doctor took an x-ray to rule out a blockage and told us to stick to one-ingredient foods. we'll follow up with the pediatrician and probably an allergist. hopefully we'll know something more soon, and in the meantime, our little girl can rest up and rehydrate. please, Lord!

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Kelly said...

praying for sweet dylan...and for her mommy and daddy. xoxo
"He will tend his flock like a shepherd. He will gather the lambs in his arms. He will carry them in his bosom and gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

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