splish, splash

there is a park nearby that has natural water slides; it's basically a creek with a smooth rock bottom that you can slip and slide down. i took the wilderness staff there last night, and we had so much fun together. though it's been hot and sticky all week, last night was definitely a bit chilly to be frolicking in the water, but the crisp, overcast evening must have discouraged other visitors, and we had the slides to ourselves.

the funniest part was watching one another struggle to climb back over the mini-rapids and slick rocks. it was impossible to look cool or adult, and it was just good to be silly and playful together.

before swimming, we had bible study out on a picnic table next to the creek. the roar of the water was pretty loud, and i was worried that it would tank because it would be too hard to focus, but the girls were responsive and we had a really good discussion. the setting was beautiful, and it was a great evening to get away from camp and still be out in woods.

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