still sick...

dylan has not been sleeping well AT ALL, and today she was congested, which made her even less able to sleep. then tonight she started vomiting again! it wasn't as scary, because she wasn't throwing up stomach acid, but still no fun. basically, i think she was gagging on everything that was draining from her head all day, so i don't even know if it was related to the other incidents.

it's so frustrating. it's been two and a half weeks of poor sleep, intermittent vomiting, and now a cold. the more tired dylan is, the lighter she sleeps, and the more she resists. it feels like we're fighting a losing battle. i finally got her in bed a little bit ago, and it's eleven, although she did slept in my arms some. i pray she sleeps well tonight. her little body needs rest desperately!

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carrhop said...

So sorry you've been hit with the sickies--something blew through our house a couple of weeks ago and stayed for a while--yuck!

Hope your little one is able to get some rest.

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