the young and the rice-less

dylan threw up monday, wednesday, and then again tonight. each incident occurred days apart, happened without a temperature, and she seemed otherwise pretty happy. we mentioned to the pediatrician on thursday morning that both time before she'd eaten rice cereal, but she dismissed that as an unlikely cause. dylan had, after all, been eating the cereal for several months without a problem.

dylan's doctor suggested laying off solids for a bit while she got rehydrated, and she hasn't had anything but breast milk since wednesday, but today at dinner, we tried again with the cereal and applesauce, thinking that it would be pretty bland and easy on her stomach. again, she made faces and didn't want to eat it, which is unlike her, because dylan likes to eat most anything. she only really had a few bites, and sure enough, an hour and a half later she was vomiting again.

i did an online search and came across a number of blogs and articles about babies not tolerating rice cereal, even if they'd taken to it before. even though it's billed as an easy first food and and unlikely allergen, there are a number of reports of babies getting sick after eating it.

i think the cereal is the likeliest culprit of her sickness. each time she threw up within two hours of eating the cereal, (mixed once with banana and twice with applesauce). what kind of bug would make an otherwise healthy, happy baby vomit monday morning, wednesday night, and saturday night, while seeming completely normal in between?

thankfully, dylan went right to sleep soon after getting sick. she woke up to nurse around ten and is back to sleep. hopefully all is well tomorrow on what will surely be a cereal-free day!

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Kelly said...

awe...poor dylan! and poor mommy and daddy too, huh? hopefully her tummy will figure things out soon. :) we're missing camp life over here, like most summers...hope things are going well!

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