all is well, safely rest

campers left saturday, staff predominantly cleared out sunday, and monday was camp-free. (for me, not jim--the next few weeks are still extremely busy for him with outside groups coming to experience camp's adventure activities.)

dylan is sleeping happily again. the transformation was like night and day; for the first time in weeks she is going to bed without a fuss. i can put her into her crib, and she doesn't cry. this is the child i remember!

i am catching up on all the tasks that have fallen by the wayside around the house and yard after an entire summer of neglect, and life is starting to resume its normal rhythms. we got to worship back at our church on sunday after a long hiatus.

dylan ate carrots today (her first solid food since she last threw up a week and a half ago), and she kept it down--another praise! post-camp life agrees with us:)

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carrhop said...

Glad things are getting back to 'normal'--and great news about Dylan-poor little thing!


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