keepin' it rural

though i love and miss living in the city, i'm not a city girl. i grew up in the suburbs, in places with sidewalks and bike paths, great schools, and neighborhoods built by anglophile developers who christen streets "yorkshire drive" and developments "woods of saxony." in our yard, we had flowers, trees and bushes, a wooden swing set, a deck, and a gazebo.

in the current small-town installment of my life, our yard is decorated a little differently:

note not just the sun-drying diapers, but the bird perched atop the clothesline. do i smell a pie cooling on a nearby window sill?
we don't own this canoe, but it is put to good use nonetheless.

yes, we're one of those houses:) jim is an excellent archer, and he stocks our freezer full of meat, so who am i to complain?
our beefy composter

 camp leases horses for the summer, so for three months, this is our view

dylan loved the horses. (i say loved because, sadly, they left on monday.) on sunday, i got to go on a ride, and it was so much fun! camp has 550 acres, and on the ride i saw beautiful parts of property i'd never seen.
our little beauty is now nine months-old. i took this last week and tried to get her to play on the blanket while i hung her diapers on the line, but all she wanted to do was crawl, crawl, crawl and put everything in her mouth! i think dylan likes the rural living:)


Suzy Leonard said...

yeah for rural living...let me rephrase...yeah for ligonier-rural living. i don't know that i'd love it anywhere else:)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful baby, beautiful life...

carrhop said...

Love getting to see your 'setting'--it's just gorgeous! What an amazing experience for your baby to be living in such a great place!

Thanks for your comments over at my place--I always love getting to read your thoughts!

Unknown said...

Ohhhh......LOVE it. My dream is to live in a place like this!! I'd be happy in that barn! ;)

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