random house

as i fool around online, jim is watching "america's got talent." i cannot, for the life of me, understand the allure, until, out of nowhere, a familiar voice croons:

"cuz i want it ALL, or NOTHING AT ALL!"

jim starts to laugh, fist-pumping with joy, and informs me that this song plays in its entirety at least once every season, and evidently tonight is that felicitous night.

so what's the song? if you don't know, you mustn't be a teeny-boppin', boy-band lovin', pop-culture trivia nerd like me, and clearly you weren't, like jim, best friends with
dan miller (second from right) of o town and mtv's "making the band." funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

I heard Jim tried out for making of the band!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

hehe--not true, although i'm sure jim would have loved to relive his show choir glory days with dan on tv:)

carrhop said...

Hey there!

show choir--hee hee--I live with one of those! The original boy band, huh?!

Okay, jpeg on wordle--I right clicked on the image, saved it to my desktop--okay, wait, I think that's how I did it--no, wait,

okay, think I did save it to pictures on my computer, then uploaded it to my google page maker, then linked it to the blog---
does that make any sense?
I used to get my second wind around 10 pm at night--now I think I'm just giving out seconds in terms of brain debris!

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