sangria blanca

jim and i both enjoy a glass of wine. he prefers red, but in the summer i like a glass of white, as long as it's dry or sweet. the bottle we opened for our anniversary was neither; it was bland and watery. not wanting to drink it again or let it to go to waste, i thought maybe i could turn it into white sangria. i searched around online and found there is no apparent "right" way to make sangria--basically some mixture of fruit is added to wine along with some variation of juice, liqueur, soda or seltzer.

this is what i did with what we had on hand:

i poured the rest of the bottle of white wine into a pitcher and added:
3 small apples, cored and sliced
1 lime, cut into wedges, and squeezed
a splash of triple sec--an orange liqueur
a palmful of turbinado sugar (~1Tbsp)--any sugar or no sugar at all would be fine

i stuck in in the fridge to blend the flavors for what i thought would be a few hours, but what ended up being two days.

the sangria turned a pretty shade of pink and was delicious. it would be good in any number of ways--with oranges, pears, cantaloupe, peaches, ginger ale--whatever you have. you could even do a virgin variety with white grape juice and club soda. making sangria is a fantastic way to redeem a lackluster bottle of wine, and it is definitely something i will make again--especially on our upcoming vacation:)

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Unknown said...

What a great idea. I will definitely have to try that one. I love that you are so daring with your food and drink. Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Sounds tasty! I will have to remember this idea.

Leeanne said...

hey zanzan,
this week i had hibiscus sangria, which they made with hibiscus iced tea - it was delicious. i think i would like to get some hibiscus tea - everything i've had with hibiscus in it has been wonderful. maybe a trip to the strip district is in order...trader joes?
lee lee

Anonymous said...

I've made something like this in the past...then I lost the recipe! You should bring one of your great recipes to my Tasty Tuesday one day! Thanks for sharing!

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