storybook romance

you know how in the movies, sometimes a couple who isn't even dating suddenly realizes that they are meant to be together and decide to get married?

i always thought that was kind of far-fetched.

and then this week, seemingly out of the blue, i found out my older sister is getting married--to her best friend. really, how movie-perfect is that?

they dated years ago, broke up and became best friends, dated again briefly this spring, and broke up when they didn't seem to be on the same page about the future. well, things change, because he picked her up from the airport from a volunteer trip in peru (how cool is my sister?) and SURPRISED her with roses, a ring, and a proposal!

congratulations, tiffany and paul. we are so happy for you!

1 comment:

carrhop said...

How precious!! So thrilled for her--what a great foundation for their upcoming marriage!

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