there's no food in your food!

as i made myself breakfast, i remembered an exchange with my sister that occurred when she was staying with us when dylan was a teeny tiny.

me: "do you want a toaster strudel?"

b: "a what?"

me: "a toaster strudel."

b: "no, i heard you, i just can't believe you have some in your house."

then later...

me: "do you want some juicy juice?"

b: "are you kidding? you eat more kid food than any adult i know!"

now, i don't think that's quite fair. for one, juicy juice is all-natural and has no added sugar. what's wrong with adults imbibing in said "kids' drink"? secondly, many of the adults bethany knows live in brooklyn and are of the, shall we say, hipster variety--people who consume things like soy crumbles and food that is sold with quotation marks around it, like buffalo "chicken" bites. i'm sure there are PLENTY of adults who eat way more kiddie fare than i do--they just may not live in her part of the borough.

and, well, i DO like kids' food. not just kids' food--i love whole grains and good cheese and wine and garlic and fruit and brussel sprouts and good salad and curry and sushi and steak and scallops and fish. i love food, and i love grown-up food, but i do enjoy my share of kiddie snacks. when i was pregnant, i got myself a kids' meal on the way home from work several times a week. i'm also an avid coupon clipper, so when snacks i like go on sale and i have a coupon, i get myself a goodie for the cupboard.

when bethany was still here, i bought fruit snacks, and we were both eating them in the car. she had the purple kind and i had the red kind. as a vegetarian/vegan, gelatin is off-limits to her, so she hadn't eaten a fruit snack in probably a decade, but after a cursory look at the ingredient list, she decided her pick was safe.

b, between bites: "it's weird that yours would have horse hooves and mine wouldn't."

me: "well, maybe yours has a little horse hooves."

bethany, pausing to re-scan the ingredients: "OH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Beth said...

This is my favorite post of yours so far! I'm definitely a kid food lover - mac n cheese, fruit snacks, koolaid, animal crackers... bring it on! and i LOVE kids meals - though i have to admit that i feel guilty enough getting a toy that i usually find a kid in the restaurant to give it to : ) it's the perfect amount of food - and still leaves room for dessert afterwards!

Debbie said...

If they didn't make that kid food so yummy, we wouldn't get into it. Come to think of it, I guess they know just what they are up to. This is a funny story. Glad I found you.

Texasholly said...

Ha! I love it. I don't serve food with food either. I like real food, but I am not so good at the application of actually MAKING real food.

Thanks so much for linking today!

Anonymous said...

Okay...I hate to say this....but the amount of juicy juice we go through in our house is crazy!

And fruit snacks....well....I buy them at the whole sale club by the cases.

jill jill bo bill said...

My husband is just the same. Only not healthy. He loves Lucky Charms, Little Debbies, and eats the kids lunchables because the cheese is cut perfectly for the cracker and there's dessrt in there.

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