these are the days we'll remember

happy anniversary to a wonderful husband and father. thank you for loving and serving us everyday. your kindness and encouragement brighten our home, and your culinary talents brighten our kitchen:) i love how you love the Lord and model that for dylan. these six years haven't been easy, but they have been fun, and i am so thankful for the life we've made together.

a grumpy nine month-old stole some of the romance, but our anniversay was still beautiful. we worked and played outside, read the papers, and prepared dinner at home. jim grilled delicious thai-seasoned steaks and corn, and i made a spinach salad with roasted beets.

marrying a hunter is such a good deal. we ate most of our meals at camp this summer, but on our weekly day off, jim often grilled steaks that didn't cost a penny more than the fee for the hunting tag. that beats take-out any day of the week! it is good to know exactly where our meat comes from and how it got to our plate. it doesn't get much more local than our back yard.

thanks to a trip to the farmers' market and the generosity of friends who unexpectedly stopped by with flowers and armloads of fresh produce, our fridge is full of corn, beans, peppers and tomatoes of every color, beets, onions, apples, and cantaloupe. what an amazing treat and vast improvement from the processed camp fare we endured all summer. i roasted tomatoes last night that i plan to make into sauce to go over stuffed banana peppers for tonight's dinner. yum.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful testimony to your life together! And to your creativity in the culinary arts.
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

So, we'll come by at 6 for dinner? ;-)

Sounds yummy!


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