we did, we had a time

my friend krista is moving to minneapolis tomorrow, back to where she grew up. this was inevitable; she came to camp as an intern and stayed a year longer than she planned. she has a "big girl" job now, and i'm so happy for her. but i'm sad for me.

living in a small town of mostly families and retirees, it was so good to make a friend who is also in her twenties. we bonded over progressive politics, good music, and lots of food. we drank wine and ate cheese, she cooked an insanely elaborate korean feast, we ate too much tiramisu, and went out for middle-eastern, vietnamese, or ethiopian fare whenever we were in pittsburgh. we savored all three seasons of veronica mars and as much my so-called life as we could pack into this final week. we drove to dc in the snow and marched to the white house in the rainy candlelight with the christian peace witness for iraq. we had our candles ready again at a local vigil in support of state children's health insurance. we loved high school kids together and led a girls' small group. we joined a bible study and dug into scripture with wise women at our church.

i will miss you, dear friend. thank you for your encouragement and conversation, your honesty and laughter. thank you for seeking to love and image Jesus more faithfully. thank you for loving my baby and showering her with affection. be blessed as you travel and return home, and please come back to visit soon!

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