16 lbs of trouble

since dylan learned to crawl, her favorite destination is the tv stand so she can stick her fingers in the vcr. (yes, that is a circa 1988 old school nintendo on the right. yeah doctor mario.)

we are continuously telling her "no thank you" and relocating her. dylan always looks back to check where we are, and she completely knows it's not where she's supposed to be. defiance begins early!

dylan is also pulling herself up, and this week i noticed teeth marks all over the top railings of her crib! that can't be very healthy...

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Unknown said...

What a big girl. How exciting that she is pulling up! I can't wait to see her, oh and you guys too ofcourse ;) The TV and DVD player were Ristow's favorite "toys" too. He still is amazed by them and always wants to push the buttons himself.
Hugs to all!

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