challenge updates

spending: ordinarily, a trip to the grocery store is a big to-do. i organize coupons, study the curricular, and write my shopping list based on what it on sale. i save money this way, but i also spend more buying convenience foods just because i have a coupon and/or they are on sale. this week, i made it out the door for under 20 bucks for fruits, veggies, tortillas, and dish soap, and we've been eating tasty, wholesome foods. the gazpacho i made last night was underwhelming, but it was delicious tonight over enchiladas. i had cantaloupe and yogurt for dessert instead of ice cream. this challenge is proving to be good for health as well as our budget.

admittedly, i did do a little gift shopping yesterday. i never sent a gift to my younger sister for her birthday (in july!), and when i asked her what she wanted, she replied, "i don't know-- something used." (she's really intentional about buying used, organic, or fair trade.) i've been scouring antique stores to no avail, but yesterday i finally lucked out at a flea market i'd never been to before. i think shopping vintage bargains for someone else falls within the spirit of the challenge.

no paper towels: i hid the paper towels in the closet, made space for a cloth drawer under where the paper towel roll used to be, and so far, so good:)

this blog provides good accountability! tomorrow, i'll take dylan to the doctor. ordinarily, i would stop for coffee afterward, but not this time...


annie said...

oh man, i'd love to get out the door with under $20 worth of groceries for the week! :) maybe if i just bought fruit and veggies and tortillas....i shop twice a month, though, and always seem to need way more than just the perishables. good for you!

i'd love to know what recipe you used for the gazpacho and enchiladas! or are they a secret family recipe?

how's your daughter?

MaryLu said...

Oh that coffee on the way is so hard for me too!
Keep up the good work on being frugal.
And aren't baby slings just the greatest!!?? Loved mine with all my 6 kiddos.

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