fall down

1. approaching the morning fog, 2. Striped tights and a pumpkin, 3. Autumn's colours !, 4. Divinity, 5. orange leaves, 6. frolics on cold days necessitate the blissful consumption of hot chocolate, 7. Fort Ligonier Days, 8. October kitchen windowsill, 9. Apple Picking: Season's First II, 10. Finished work, 11. cranberry sauce, 12. Autumn Cycle

we are back from vacation, the leaves are changing (and falling!), the air is turning cool, and homecoming was this weekend at the high school. i can't deny any longer that autumn is here.

i know that fall is the favorite season for many people, but it is definitely NOT mine. i mean, the leaves are pretty, but then they fall, and what are we left with? six whole months of trees that look dead and very little sunlight. autumn has a way of reminding me that the winter of my discontent is on its way, and i know i will soon be mourning the passing of the leaves, warmth, and daylight.

all that being said, autumn has it's moments. i like sweaters, hot chocolate, and maybe even a bonfire as much as the next girl. i like bike riding at ohiopyle as the leaves change, and i love fort ligonier days--a huge fall festival in my little town that draws thousands of visitors for a parade, delicious food, and entirely too many crafts. it's fun, and i admit, i'm looking forward to that particular autumn delight.

i think my fall mosaic may just be psyching me up for, if not autumn itself, at least its colors and foods. those fall pleasures even i can't deny.


Leeanne said...

Fort Days would make any season worth it. You can buy chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick next to a booth that sells fresh gyros. I love everything about that weekend. :)

suzannah | the smitten word said...

and the sand hill berry farm truck? i think last year i had cobbler for lunch and cheesecake for dinner...and i may just do it again:)

Beth said...

I LOVE how this one turned out!! Great choices on photos.... makes me want to create another one too.

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