gonna put you in a trance with a funky song

it's been, what, nineteen years since the new kids on the block first got elementary school girls' hearts a flutter?

i had on the tail end of the view today, and who was performing not one but two songs but NKOTB, reunited? it was kind of surreal to watch them sing and dance and twirl their mics. their new song had the exact soundtrack and silly lyrics of past hits like "please don't go girl," except not nearly as catchy. they reprised their hit "step by step," but it all definitely smacked of trying too hard and cashing in too late. they should have staged their comeback when n'sync and the back street boys were ruling the charts.

i loved donnie; he was my favorite new kid, hands down. he had a cap on today, so i couldn't really tell how he looked, but he played a dad on a short-lived CW series recently, and i remember thinking his heartthrob days were over. who was your favorite new kid? let 's be honest, no one's was danny or jon--i'm talking donnie, jordan or joe.


Trisha said...

I thought they looked and sounded great:) haha! In public my favorite New Kid was Jordan, but I secretly always liked Danny and even had one of those big pins of his!

Kelly said...

Oh I loved Joey! I had one of those big pins too!

carrhop said...

So funny! I happened to catch up on Duran Duran recently (I know, I know, I'm an old mommy blogger...) and was a little shocked at the appearance of my beloved John Taylor--yikes!

Thanks for the commiseration on my 'gardening'! I also appreciate the feedback on my feed (ha ha! what a pun!--okay, I'm a little punchy!) Good to know I've at least gotten it patched up a little...


Anonymous said...

Jordan and I were like "this"
...yeah, notsomuch really. But I adored him and DID have the NKOTB Comforter. I know, I'm rockstar like that. Bwahahahaha! Thanks for a good laugh.

They're coming to play here in the Twin Cities next month and even though they may not be all that, my sister and I are There. So what if the last time I saw them in concert I had a fanny pack filled with candy? I'm gonna wear my big 6 inch button too. Cause I'm secure enough to be that fabulous. :o)

Blessings, Whitney

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