hey hermano

my friend lisa just moved to california, and at her church this week, guess who she saw?

buster bluth!

the weird thing is, he used to go to my sister bethany's church in nyc, so she used to see him on the east coast. i can't believe i forgot about this when i mentioned bethany's celebrity sightings. or the fact that once she ran into job bluth at a downtown hotel:

frivolous though it may be, i love pop culture, i love arrested development, and i'm a little jealous. living in what may perhaps be the geriatric capital of pennsylvania, i don't tend to run into interesting celebrities. i once saw reba mcentire at the nashville airport, but that is not interesting unless you're a fan of country or her sitcom hijinks, and i'm not especially.

though i hate to admit it, when i was pregnant with dylan, i came home from my job at the housing authority and clocked untold hours watching "reba" reruns. we only have ten channels, and i was so sick i didn't even care that that show is terrible.

one time, i woke in the middle of the night to the sound of jim laughing in his sleep. he was laughing hard--real belly laughs. when he woke up, jim shared that his dream (which ordinarily he never remembers) was about the characters in "reba" making up secret codes using nonsensical acronyms like "G.A.S.M.A.N.C.H.A!"

jim's unconscious created a screenplay of an imaginary episode of "reba," and he thought it was so funny he laughed out loud in his sleep.

you can't make this stuff up.


Trisha said...

Hey! I love the show Reba and was so mad when they took it off of the air! I actually wrote an angry email to the network...mostly because it was a family-friendly show and they left on really slutty shows...but still! I thought the Barbara Jean character was hysterical...she could make me laugh every time! Well, off to watch more Reba reruns...hehe!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

uh oh, i'm alienating fans!

i'll give you that reba was pretty family friendly--it had that going for it. but we'll have to agree to disagreeabout barbara jean;)

thanks for leaving an opposing viewpoint!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you know people who have spotted Bluths! I'm so jealous! Besides, what have we always said is the most important thing? Breakfast.

I have to agree with you that Reba was not a funny show. At all.

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