i heart nyc

my sister bethany went to college in new york city, a place of more sophisticated thrills than, say, colonial williamsburg, the place i called home in college. the height of off-campus excitement in williamsburg entailed jumping the colonial governor's palace wall at night.

in williamsburg, it wouldn't be uncommon to spot a reenactor at the drugstore, picking something up after work in full costume. bethany's celebrity sightings are a lot more interesting, however, and i love when she shares stories. she's seen dozens, but the ones i recall include sufjan stevens, chris noth of sex and the city, maggie gyllenhaal, and the kid who played henry on dawson's creek.

i think she might stretch the truth a little on these sightings. one time i was visiting her, we passed a little person who i didn't get a good look at.
b: "he's that actor. he lives around here; i see him all the time."

me: "the guy from elf?" (and the station agent--such a good movie!)

b: "no...."

me: "wee-man?"



"no, you know, the little one..."

"from seinfeld?"

"no. you know, that guy!"

"bethany, how many famous little actors do you think there are?"

"c'mon, you know who i'm talking about..."
clearly, i had no idea who the heck she was talking about. i still don't and frankly, i remain unconvinced that it was an actual celebrity sighting, but i digress. new york is an incredible city with a million things to do and see--museums, broadway, shopping, culture, you know the drill. i don't know exactly what it says about me, but my favorite place to go in new york is...

the rice pudding store! i'm totally serious and completely jealous that my town doesn't have it's own rice pudding store.

what? you've never heard of an establishment that exclusively sells the deliciousness that is rice pudding? it's pretty much the best place ever. i finally got to go in february when dylan and i visited bethany, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

to psych ourselves up for the excursion (as if i could have been more excited!), we read a review and interview with the shop owner that contains this priceless journalistic gem:
''Everyone,'' he said inaccurately, ''loves rice pudding.''
we're picking up bethany in brooklyn on our way to rhode island, and i hope we can stop by and introduce jim to the pleasure that is Rice to Riches. i'm already salivating thinking of which of the 21 flavors to try. caramel? tiramisu? cheesecake? and the toppings...espresso, pound cake,'s gonna be a great vacation.


The Hamons said...

that's the place that was shown in "Hitch"! I wondered if that was a real place and what the HECK they were eating! :)

bethany said...

i never stretched the truth- it was the guy from the kid-rock video :)

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