misadventures in recycling

i set out this morning with the baby and a trunk full of a busted electronics in search of a "hard to recycle" drop-off point. finding it proved to be far more elusive than i had hoped as i became more and more lost in the rain. when i got there (seventy-five minutes after i left my house), they had already shut down, and a woman was taking down the sign. she informed me that i was too late, and i was crushed, since they only collect that kind of stuff once or twice a year.

she ended up having mercy and taking my stuff anyway. it cost 20 bucks for them to safely recycle the air conditioner which fried when an electrician overloaded a circuit at our house this summer. she graciously loaded her own car with our old computer tower and two monitors, including the one from jim's office that inexplicably started smoking this week.

i wasted far too much gas getting there, but it's not a wash. they'll recycle everything, and no freon will end up in the groundwater. a rocky start, but a good day for the earth:)

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