mixed bag

dylan and i drove the hundred and forty-something mile roundtrip to children's yesterday so that she could have another upper GI series. the great news is that everything looked perfect. the doctor didn't even think reflux was any sort of concern. so that is wonderful...except something isn't perfect--something has been making her violently throw-up most all solid foods.

so we're happy, but also frustrated. feeding her is so scary, and in two months she'll be a year and really will need more nutition than i can provide through nursing. after almost three weeks of exclusive nursing (since her last two-day episode after only the tiniest bites of food), i took a deep breath and tried again with solids. like the last two times, dylan was extremely reluctant, because of course she can make the connection! it's sad because she used to love whatever food we put in front of her; she was the happiest, most cooperative eater.

dylan wasn't into it at all, but i managed to get her to eat three bites of pear, and she didn't get sick. baby steps and little victories:)

i really don't want to pray anymore that they'd find out what is wrong, because she's seen probably a dozen doctors, and everyone keeps saying everything looks great. i just want to pray that whatever is causing her illness will disappear, that she will grow out of it, gain weight, and learn to eat well again. i know we serve a God who is able to heal like that, and i pray that he is healing dylan and restoring her to health.


TAMI said...

He is able. I join your prayer. Disappear.

Anonymous said...



Mary Ann Hartzell said...

I agree in prayer with you. And add may Dylan grow as Jesus did "in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man." She is a precious baby girl. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I will add your precious family to my prayers, as well.

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