am i going challenge crazy? i read about this one today and couldn't resist. a few months ago i read about eliminating paper towels, and honestly, the idea had never occurred to me before. i was intrigued. it was something i knew we could do; we have and use dish towels for hand drying and sponges and cloths for wiping counters and other cleaning tasks. we use cloth, yet i continue to buy and we continue to use paper towels for extra "icky" tasks or when we just feel lazy.

we are on our second to last roll, and now seems like the perfect time to take this two month challenge to wean ourselves off of these disposables. i will clear out a kitchen drawer for the rags, towels, and cloths that are currently in the less-accessible bathroom storage, and it begins:)


bethany said...

you're my hero

Anonymous said...

Cloth napkins? Yes.

Drying dishes and counters with a hand towell? Yes.

Cleaning the toilet with a sponge? NO!

I am more faithful with my bathroom cleaning when I use paper towells. Yes, I am soooo spoiled.

But I don't know if I have enough to last the month. So, I may be joining this "movement." At least until the 30 days of nothing is over.

I agree, you are my hero too.

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