the party's over

we've had free internet courtesy of a wireless router mounted atop the barn and pointed the half mile uphill to the camp's offices. this backwoods set-up is, as one might imagine, pretty precarious. camp has decided to dump their unreliable set-up, thus ending our free ride.

as team paul shall now pay for our online privileges, this blog may be out of commission until next week. i only now realized (after i placed the order), that perhaps i should have waited until october when my stuff fast is over. my desire to consume is so deeply ingrained that weighing the pros and cons of the purchase wasn't even on my radar. bah!

i did manage to avoid consumer temptation today in the form of fast food as i left the doctor's office with dylan. it wouldn't have been a big deal, except i was running late this morning and left the house with only a nutrition bar in hand, so i was hungry. not planning ahead is my consumer downfall; it is so easy for me to succumb to take-out or drive-through when i haven't thought out my/our next meal.

this challenge has been good for our family in that regard. we've eaten good, leisurely dinners out on the deck for the last three nights, i've been trying and making up new recipes, and we've not not let any food go to waste. we've definitely been enjoying ourselves.

a praise: dylan's doctor said she looks great, although she hasn't gained any weight in the past few weeks, so we'll be watching/working on that. she is hopeful that dylan will outgrow these food issues and encouraged me to keep up with solids.

dylan used to happily eat anything i put in front of her, but ever since she started getting sick, she is wary of solids. she refused bananas twice this week but ate modest amounts of peaches today and yesterday. we are slowly making progress, and i am so thankful she kept it all down.

dylan was great at the doctor today. they pricked her to check for lead and iron, and she didn't even yelp. it looked more like a freaky ritual sacrifice than a medical procedure, as the nurse "milked" her little toe for blood samples and made a ridiculous mess. of course, dylan was barefoot, and i had to pull the car over on the way home after she pulled (chewed?) the bandage off and started making her own mess. fun times:)


carrhop said...

So thrilled for the good report on Dylan! Sorry about the heel pokes for the blood samples, but what great news that she is doing well!

Hope you don't have to do an internet 'fast'--I would miss you!

Glad you liked the pic of 3/8 and 7--he is such a good big brother!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Dylan is making peace again with food. What a relief that must be.

I can so understand how "not planning ahead is my consumer downfall." It's mine too! Oh, and also because I'm selfish and a tad greedy. :-)

Thanks you so much for encouraging Zanaih at my blog. The first part of this week has been crazy busy and I am just now able to have some "free" time. I knew that if I asked, some of you loving (and as it happens godly) women would surround her with wise words and caring.

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