30 days of nothing recap

our "30 days of nothing" ended september 30, and it was a great month.

this summer we ate all our meals at camp, and since we only had one day off a week, we often ordered in. it had been a loooong time since we were in the regular habit of cooking for ourselves, so the 30 days of nothing was a big adjustment!

it was great to return to cooking, which we both love to do. we experimented with lots of new recipes, shopped the farmer's market, and ate out of our freezer and pantry. it was a very healthy month, in addition to being a frugal one.

i'm not typically a big shopper, so the thing i missed most was stopping for a quick bite while i was away from home; there were lots of long, hungry car rides that i wished i'd planned ahead better!

we officially took a "break" while we were on vacation, but even there the disciplines carried over. we brought snacks so as not to buy much on the road, cooked meals, and window shopped. of course we spent money and enjoyed some meals in restaurants, but we were decidedly conservative on the whole.

it was good to grow in the discipline of carefully considering every purchase and differentiating between needs and wants. it was also really powerful to be reminded that our money isn't really "ours" after all and to learn to be satisfied with what God has blessed us with.

to read more from other challenge participants, see owlhaven.


Owlhaven said...

Great thoughts!!!
Thanks for sharing


carrhop said...

So glad it went well! What a great thing to learn that while we may not have all we want, He will make sure we have everything we need!

Loved seeing you over at my place--always so good to hear your thoughts--


Muthering Heights said...

Great job with the challenge!

Anonymous said...

you're from ligonier? KEWL! I used to listen to R.C. Sproul EVERY morning!! I love his theology. Also- I noticed that you don't have an e-mail address, so I'm about to unload in your comments section.


Okay- the post you have below about the church sign is right on. My Hubby is a 5 point Calvinist- so he's constantly frustrated by the church signs that use HUMAN phrases instead of scripture.

Love the scripture you listed.

Thank you for the Tatt comment. That is actually on my H's arm. We were huge Caedmon's Call fans for over a decade- and then Derek Webb (who was our favorite singer) went solo- and in 1996 we followed his tour around the US...and then got to see perform with Caedmons last year. ANYWAY- Derek has this tatt, and when my H saw it he was taking Hebrew at the time- so he got it.

Thanks for stopping by- looking forward to reading more of your blog:-)

Anonymous said...

sorry- I meant to say we followed Derek's Tour in 2006. 1996 was when we joined Caedmon's Guild.

my bad.

Love your blog!!!

Beth said...

I am so tempted to try the 30 Days of Nothing, but I'm not sure I can get Charlie on board. I would think it would be easier for us right now since we're basically homebound with 2 babies, but it's still a little intimidating. Maybe we'll try 8-10 Days of Nothing, though that doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? ; )

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